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Tree service in Marietta GA is a complicated issue. There are many questions you’ll need to answer before you can hire the right tree removal company. Do I have an emergency? What type of tree do I really need taken down? How tall is it, and how wide does it extend? Will my tree’s roots be destroyed during this process? Who will remove the stump after the tree has been cut down? These are just some of the questions that people often ask themselves when they want to figure out if they need a professional or not.
Here are some Pros and Cons of tree removal:
-If a tree is diseased, dying or dead then it will need to be cut down.
-There may be an emergency situation where the safety of your family and home could be at stake if you choose not to remove a hazardous tree.
-Removing trees in urban areas can open up more sun light for grasses, flowers and vegetation to grow on your lawns. This is another great benefit because many times people plant gardens along their property line so they’ll have nice shade from neighboring trees when these are removed.
-A professional arborist will typically do most work that needs done during this process following regulations set by OSHA which makes them more qualified to do this kind of work.
-A tree service company will often have insurance and liability coverage which can protect you in the event that they cause damage or injury on your property for any reason whatsoever, even if it was not their fault.
-One of the cons to tree removal is that it can be quite expensive and depending on how much work needs to be done, you might need to have your yard cleared as well which also increases the cost.
Some other Cons are: -The stump will remain in your lawn after removing a tree if there was not enough time for natural decomposition to take place; this could potentially cause unwanted odors and make watering difficult because roots may still exist below ground level even though they were cut off above ground.
There is also a chance that ants or termites would find their way back into your house through those stumps at some point in time which could then become an issue with pest control. Lastly, many people are not aware of this but tree removal can actually disrupt the natural habitat for birds and small animals as they often live in or around trees.
The best solution for this is to request our stump grinding service. Once the trees are gone, getting rid of the stumps should be your next step to prevent any of the problems mentioned above.
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