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Tree removal companies in Marietta can be difficult to find, but we promise, if you have landed on this page, you have found the only one you will need to call. Whether you need tree trimming or tree removal, we are confident that we are the best company for your needs.
One of the biggest reasons people need tree removal services is because the tree has died. However, it’s also common to have large branches that are failing or diseased and must be removed in order for the tree health to improve. Even though some people may think this is a job best left to professionals, there are actually ways you can do it on your own if necessary:
Remove dead limbs – Dead limbs will not only create an eyesore, but they could fall off during strong winds and cause injury or property damage. To remove them safely without any help from someone else use these steps:
If no one around then carefully climb up onto a sturdy ladder with proper support beams (don’t bother trying directly underneath the limb) and cut away at least two inches around the limb.
Remove sliver limbs – Slivers are smaller branches that can cause damage if they’re not removed before too long, but it’s difficult to remove them without a ladder or tool with a blade on one side like an ax or saw. To do so use these steps:
Carefully climb up onto your sturdy tree branch using proper support beams (don’t bother trying directly underneath) and make cuts around two inches in length along the sliver until you have all of it chopped away. Important note: If removing any type of dead branch from the top of a tall tree be sure to attach something heavy below where you cut just in case!
Seek professional assistance when needed- It is often best for safety reasons to hire a professional tree removal company. Tree services companies have the equipment and expertise necessary for removing large trees, which can be dangerous if attempted by amateurs without proper safety gear or experience.
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