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Need affordable tree services in Marietta? You’ve come to the right place! Our company specializes in providing quality, affordable tree services. We have been serving Georgia for over 10 years and know what it takes to get your trees healthy again. We’re committed to providing a top-notch experience and work hard at meeting your tree care needs.

You can rely on Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service for: 

Tree removal, stump grinding, pruning & trimming, mulching & wood chipping services (including organic mulches), land & brush clearing, 

We also offer free estimates! Give us a call today! (470) 517-6166

 If you need affordable tree services in Marietta then contact Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service now by calling (470) 517-6166. We are licensed in Georgia with over ten years of experience caring for trees all around the state and pride ourselves on being an affordable option for tree care.

What is a Tree Doctor? 

Trees are living things and as such, they need to be cared for appropriately in order to reach their full potential and remain healthy through any seasons that come your way. A fully trained arborist (Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service) will know how to identify what it takes to get your trees healthy again by inspecting them from top down – starting with branches all the way up into leaves! We offer affordable services including removal, stump grinding, pruning & trimming, & mulching services (including organic mulches),

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Arborist (Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service)? 

The benefits you can get from hiring a trained arborist are enormous! You’ll have healthy & happy trees that require less maintenance on your part because they’ve been cared for appropriately by someone who knows what it takes to keep them in tip-top shape. Not only will they look great due to your trees’ growth, but you’ll also appreciate the following benefits of hiring a tree doctor:

Maintain safety and stability in high winds 

Control insects & pests that cause damage 

Protect property from storm water runoff 

Prevent structural failure by weakening roots or branches. In severe cases this can lead to large limbs breaking off completely! Can result in dangerous events such as roof collapse, electric line disruption etc… 

Provide shade for your home during hot summer days. Trees provide cooling through their leaves as well as protection from sun rays that are not filtered through certain types of leaves (ever notice how tall buildings don’t have any windows on one side?). All these factors make it worth the time and money to call Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service for any tree related issues.

Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service is your affordable solution for all of those needs, but they also provide other services too:

-Arborist Consultation – guidance on pruning or removal of trees 

-Free Estimates from Experienced Expert Arborists! Let’s get started today so you can enjoy some benefits as soon as possible. Call us at (470) 517-6166 now! 

 Also appreciate the following benefits of hiring a Tree Doctor: Maintain safety and stability in high winds, Control insects & pests that cause damage, Protect property from storm water runoff.


Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service

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