Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service – An Arborist’s Top Three Tips for Keeping your Tree Secure in a Wind Storm

With the stormy weather quickly approaching, many homeowners are getting their trees ready and prepped for the big day. However, with a storm on its way these preparations may not be enough to keep your tree safe. Here are three quick tips that can help you keep your tree secure in case of a wind storm:
– Tie a rope to the tree branch and attach it securely to an immoveable object. This will help brace against strong winds and keep your tree still in case of a storm or heavy snowfall.
– Make sure that any lights, decorations, or other items on top of the tree are firmly secured so they don’t break off due to movement from wind gusts.
– Keep trees away from power lines by at least three feet so if there is contact with the wires during an electrical surge, you won’t be placing yourself or others nearby in danger as well.
When planning for next year’s storm season make sure not only your house is ready but also your Christmas Tree! With these few simple tips you can enjoy your tree without worry.
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Other Notes: we can service any size property at or below the cost of our competitor’s prices (when provided a legitimate quote), and are available 24/hr for emergency calls during storm events! we understand that this is a stressful time; your tree must feel equally as stressed in these conditions. but don’t worry – with just a few simple precautions you’ll be able to keep it safe from harm.
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