Dylan’s Marietta Tree Service: 12 Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy

As the leaves begin to change colors, it’s easy to spot a tree service professional in Marietta. Here are 12 ways you can keep your trees healthy and looking great this autumn!
The leaves will soon be changing colors, which means it’s a great time to call tree service professionals in Marietta. Here are 12 ways you can keep your trees healthy and looking great this autumn!
– Give the tree lots of water throughout the season. This is especially important as days get shorter in winter months when there is less rainfall.Water won’t evaporate so quickly from ground level because of cold soil temperatures, but needs to be applied for maximum absorption by roots. Ensure buffer zones around stumps or cuts have been maintained with mulch or straw coverings that remain moist at all times – even if just barely damp.
– Keep grasses mowed away from tree bases; don’t let them creep up on their trunks and root systems.
– Provide a winter mulch by spreading out shredded leaves or pine straw to an inch of depth just before the ground freezes over for the season, and keep it there until springtime. This will protect tree roots from extreme cold temperatures in early spring when they are most vulnerable.
– Trim off any dead branches that could be a safety hazard during wind storms this fall/winter as well as other limbs sticking too far out into walkways; these can also break more easily with ice buildup (as seen below).
– Plant additional trees around your property if you have room so that they grow together in time to provide shading against summer sun glare and warmth through autumn’s frosty mornings – which will be your tree’s best time of year.
– Fertilize trees every spring with an organic, slow release fertilizer (such as fish emulsion) to help get them off to a good start and maintain their health through the season. The most popular fertilizers are usually those that include nitrogen since it is important for green growth; they also contain phosphorus which helps strengthen bark, making the tree more resistant against disease and pests in general.
– Check on any fruit or nut bearing trees periodically throughout autumn – especially if you live near Atlanta! If there is anything left over from last year in the branches after leaf drop then harvest them up before they end up getting ruined by rodents like squirrels or rabbits chewing away at them during winter.
– Prune in winter, when the tree is dormant. This will make it easier for you to see what’s going on and get a good look at where sapwood meets heartwood so that you can cut back any diseased or dead branches without hurting the live wood. You want to do this as soon as possible after leaf fall but not before because then your pruning would damage tender new growth buds which could be killed off by frosty weather!
– Don’t plant any tree in a low area that can be overly moist. This will lead to root rot and fungus issues over time which may require expensive corrective treatments! Drainage is the most important thing for trees so you want them higher up where they are more likely to drain properly – if not on your property then at least off of it.
– Avoid planting too close together or next to each other, as this increases the risk of attracting insects like aphids, scales, leaf miners etc., while also increasing competition between neighboring roots.
Follow these simple steps and you should be able to maintain healthy trees for years and years to come.
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